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Whether you have a one-time evaluation and remediation need or require a customized service agreement, All-State Exterminating is there to help. We recognize that customer and facility needs vary, and we will work with you to tailor a program that meets your requirements.

To help protect your privacy we do not have any signs on our cars or trucks. We see no reason to alert the neighborhood to your pest-control problems. We would prefer to simply eliminate them. We will be happy to discuss our services with you to find the best solution for your needs.

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All-State Exterminating offers inspections and consultations at no cost to you. We take pride in our work and customer satisfaction is of utmost importance.

General Pests

All-State offers full service annual contracts for rodent and general pest control treating the interior and exterior of the home. Seasonal service programs are also available. If preferred, treatments can be applied to only the exterior of the home for the elimination of carpenter ants, ticks, fleas, wasps, hornets and yellow jackets.


Call All-State Exterminating today to protect your home from termites! We are an approved termite inspection service and members of both the Connecticut Pest Control Association and National Pest Management Association.

Termites cause major internal and structural damage to countless unprotected properties each year. Termites feed on dead plant material generally in the form of wood and access the home through exterior soil into the foundation of the structure.. If left untreated, termites can cause serious structural damage.

Ask about our Five Year Guarantee!

Carpenter Ants

Carpenter ants cause millions of dollars of damage to homes and structures annually. They initially enter from both trees and soil colonies progressively multiplying and enlarging into satellite colonies inside the home. Initially found in kitchens, bathroom and decks they will work their way into wall voids, foundations and attics. Eggs are laid both in winter and summer with more visible activity in spring and summer.

Carpenter Ants can be greatly controlled with exterior treatment of the structure, therefore, minimizing interior treatments.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are parasitic insects that feed on blood, hair and skin. A number of adverse health effects may occur due to bed bug bites, mainly itching, skin rashes, and allergic symptoms.

They often come into homes and other facilities from clothing, furniture, etc. They may also migrate between homes via wires, plumbing and heating.

All-State Exterminating provides treatments to bed frames, mattresses, headboards, floor panels and other areas bed bugs may infest within your home or office.

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****NOTE ABOUT THE INSECTICIDE WE USE: The "Signal Word" (which is an Environmental Protection Agency measure of toxicity) for the material we use is "Caution". It is the same" Signal Word" assigned to some cleaning products used in your home, e.g. glass cleaners.

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